Strona główna
english version

Contents of the "zaKORZENIEnie":

No. I
- "The Identity: Ethnopluralist Manifesto": our principles - the right to own identity as a basic human right;
- "The smallest minority": descendants of the 13th century Frisian settlers in Wilamowice village in Upper Silesia (about - maybe - 100 persons who still know their "wymysojer" language);
- "Polish Celts": activity of the Polish-Irish Society;
- "Punk, Basque Homeland and Freedom": story of the Kortatu punk-band.

No. II
- "About crisis and need of a national identity": a critique of "left-wing" cosmopolitanism, right-wing concepts of "ideological fatherland" and postmodernist "substitutive identities";
- "Lost in the mountains" (part I): history of Łemko people - "Polish section" of Ruthenians;
- "The bleeding island": information about situation in East Timor;
- the Kortatu part II;
- "Inheritance of Inter-Mare*": activity of "Pomost" (The Gangway) association - they are heirs of Piłsudski tradition and they propagate friendship amongst nations of Central Eastern Europe.
* Inter-Mare (Międzymorze - the land between Baltic and Black sea) is name for geopolitical idea of unity of Poland, Lithuania, Byelorussia and Ukraine.

- "A few words about patriotism": one of the founders of Polish Anarchist Federation writes why he considers himself as a "patriot" now;
- "What is nation?": various concepts of "nation", a critique of subjectivist theory of nation, national consciousness as the essence of a nation;
- Łemko part II
- "Friends of Roma people": activity of local Association of Creators and Friends of Gypsy Culture in Gorzów Wlkp;
- "Etnism instead of chauvinism...": activity of the esperantist International Committee for Ethnic Liberties;
- "Extermination of the people, end of the land": extermination of Madi people in southern Iraq by Saddam Hussein troops;
- "Drunkards of The Pogues": story of Irish folk-rock band;
- "Our roots": pre-history of our group.

No. IV
- "A few notes about rootedness, archaic cultures and the Sarmatian Republic*": a view of Jany Waluszko (main Polish anarchist thinker);
* "Sarmatianism" was semi-anarchist ideology of Polish gentry 16-18. centuries.
- "From the Tuhaj-bej* tribe: Polish Tartars" (part I): small but ancient Islamic minority in Poland
* Tuhaj-bej was famous Tartar chief in 17. century.
- "In our opinion": we support parliamentary project of the new law about ethnic minorities against government obstructions;
- "The Shadow of UN": UNPO;
- "Aliens amongst brothers": Sefardim, Ashkenazi, Black Hebrew, Falasha...
- "Know the power of your letter": we join Survival France campaign for people of Iryan Jaya;
- "History of rap music".

No. V
- Statement of the Lublin branch of Union of Ukrainians in Poland;
- "Polish Tartars" (part II);
- "Our small homelands: Zator county";
- "Hell on the Paradise Island": Tamil insurgency in Sri Lanka;
- "The last chance for survival": Survival International;
- "Rap - Black Power music";
- "Jews and goyim": review of the book by Izrael Szahak;
- "Divided representation": sport in Basque Country and Catalunya;
- letters, appeals, etc.

No. VI
- "Death and Regeneration of languages";
- "Demographic transformation of the Greek community in Ziemia Lubuska region 1953-1998";
- "Polish-Sorabian Fellowship";
- "Ethnic minorities in Ziemia Lubuska region": scientific conference in Zielona Góra;
- "Europe of 100 Flags": international conference in Katowice;
- "In Spisz region": review of the paper published by the Union of Polish Spisz;
- "Sephardim songs";
- letters, appeals, etc.

- "The Era of robots": cultural Gleichschaltung of Scandinavian youth;
- "The dilemma of ethnopluralist": our attitude towards Kosovo conflict: we support KLA against Yugoslavian army and Serbs against NATO aggression;
- "The Appeal towards inhabitants of multi-ethnic regions in Central-Eastern Europe": for human rights, territorial integrity and international law;
- "Searching for a Strangeness": against xenophobia and ideophobia;
- "Ukraine in Rozbrat": Festival of Ukrainian Culture in "Rozbrat" anarchist cultural centre;
- the Society of Sorabian Studies
- "Who are Łemko people?": about Polish Ruthenians - again;
- "Singer of Balkanian sub-continent": Goran Bregović;
- "Between Poland and Greece": book review...

- "Against Hypocrisy": in defence of Polish minority in Lithuania;
- "Dossier Lithuania": documents about situation of Lithuanian Poles;
- "Minorities and Liberalism": the critique of liberal individualist concepts of minority rights;
- "Polish Armenians": history of this medieval minority;
- "The press of national minorities in Poland"
- "Turbo Folk": new Yugoslavian pop-folk music;
- "The Left for Independence in Catalunya";
- "Explosion of Jacobinic Fury": French rightists and leftists against rights for ethnic minorities;
- "The Eskimo state": Nunavut in Canada.